Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wolves Look Impressive on the Road

First of all, I have to start of with the record setting game that Kevin Love put up. Love posted 20 points and 14 rebounds to extend his consecutive double-double streak to 38 games in a row, moving him past Kevin Garnett and John Stockton at 37. Love is now only 6 games of the all time record for consecutive double doubles which is held by Moses Malone at 44. Besides setting records, maybe what is more important is the fact that the wolves have been playing better basketball, and have won 2 in a row on the road. This is the first time they did this all year. They have won their last two games without some of their main scorers. Ridnour, Webster, Milicic, and Beasley were all out last night in Houston. This meant the Wolves needed to pull together more than ever and try to get a win in Houston, a team they have not played well against.

I was surprised to see the Wolves wearing their black jerseys for the second game in a row. When they were released, I thought they had set aside like 6 games to wear them in. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke out the black jerseys again since they won on the road with them the night before. Once again Jonny Flynn looked like he was more comfortable out on the court than the night before. He set the table for the Wolves last night. He started out with 6 early points, and got the team rolling. Another player who did well, but will not get credit is Nikola, he played a solid game, in his first start of the season. The game was fairly close throughout, and about mid way through the 4th quarter Timberwolves fans everywhere were thinking here we go again, because the Rockets were going on a little run and the Wolves were down by 6, after giving up their 4 point lead. The Wolves did something they have not done a whole lot this year and that is get stops down the stretch. The Wolves had some players step up like Wayne Ellington who had 18 off the bench, seemed to be unstoppable down the stretch. He hit a huge step back three with about 2 minutes left in the game. The Rockets came down and hit two free throws, and then the very next possession, Flynn hit Love for a clutch three pointer, to push the lead to 6 with under a minute to go. The Wolves pulled together as a team and got the win, while playing without 4 of their top 5 scorers.

I have to give props to these players who have been playing well. Telfair seems to be shooting the ball with a great deal of confidence. He is playing with energy and really falling into his roll as change of pace back up point guard. Flynn has been improving game by game, lat night posting 15 points and 7 assists. He still is turning the ball over more than he should be. Ellington played out of his mind last night, and has been shooting the ball well all year round. Love is a given who is playing at an All-Star level.

The Wolves have come up in the recent Melo trade rumors, as of right now they would ship Brewer and first round pick to Nuggets, and receive Randolph and Curry form the Knicks. The Wolves clearly want Randolph, but this is a terrible deal for a team that is the facilitator of this trade. The Wolves should not give up their starting shooting guard and a first round pick, for two players that don't see the court in New York. If this deal goes down, I would imagine that the pot would get sweeter for the Timberwolves. Another trade I think the Wolves could make is trading one of their 3 point guards. All  three are playing well right now and should have some value around the league.

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